Happy St. Patrick’s Day – an off-the-cuff joint.

There are some beautiful, knowledgeable posts up about St. Paddy’s Day and the different celebrations that abound. There are probably ones teaching a bit about the day as well. This isn’t one of those. I know very little besides the demand to wear green. I have a legitimate claim to the day – great-grandma on my dad’s side was Irish, and his mother, though raised … Continue reading Happy St. Patrick’s Day – an off-the-cuff joint.

Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD)

TW: frank talk about mental illness, cutting, blood Body dysmorphia My obsession with my appearance began young, but self-mutilation only started in my twenties. It was tied to my eating disorder – cutting and picking at my face were part of my bulimic process – but it’s also an entity of its own and hasn’t stopped with my eating disorder recovery, though it’s significantly less … Continue reading Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD)

The healing of (passive aggressive) wounds.

I haven’t spent a day without at least one open wound on my person since I was nineteen, usually on my face. My work on eating disorder recovery is going well, but learning not to cut obsessively at the “imperfections” on my face is harder. [i] A combination of things led to the pattern of behaviour that doctors and other smart people now want to … Continue reading The healing of (passive aggressive) wounds.