Wrap it up.

My mother’s very good at wrapping presents. My mother’s very good at everything, but that’s a dive into pathologies that we don’t have time for. We’re here today to talk about wrapping gifts. Wrapping is a dying art, and it’s dying from neglect. Few people take the time to wrap gifts anymore, and God forbid we add ribbons or flair. The sharply pleated corner and … Continue reading Wrap it up.

We’re odd little creatures – a few thoughts.

Humans are odd creatures. We deliberately make bad choices. We deliberately act against our sown elf-interest. We know what the better choices are, we know the discomfort of abandoning our self-destructive and harmful behaviours is manageable and yet, we persist in proceeding down dead-end paths. Addictions, neuroses, negative thoughts, and negative acts abound. We set aside reality and pretend our lives are at the mercy … Continue reading We’re odd little creatures – a few thoughts.