The challenge of the chore.


There’s no chore that I find particularly challenging from an execution perspective. Maybe ironing, but only because no one I know does that anymore. If I hung out with office-bound individuals, perhaps my exposure to the art of ironing would be greater, but I’m willing to let that particular skill die a particular death.

My challenge with chores relates to will, in that mine is often lacking.

It’s lacking when it comes to pruning the ornamental plum trees out front, and it’s lacking when it comes to doing floors. It’s lacking in all manner of ways, actually, but those are two of the biggies.

I’m fine with keeping things neat, clean, and tidy as a matter of course excluding the above-referenced examples. I quite like dusting, for instance. Making things pretty again, cleaning up the knickknacks, and shining up the wood – I love it.


I don’t even mind laundry. Towels and sheets are less of a thrill because the folding is onerous, but clothes are no big. It also allows me ample opportunities to clean and organize, one of my happy places.

Floors, however, I hate. I’m not the one you see dancing with the dustbin or mop.

Our floors are a combination of laminate, a bit of carpet, and a foyer and dining room done in foot-square tiles. Thanks to the cat, there are dust balls and bits of litter littered about everywhere.

My hair is also everywhere, as are the weird conglomerations of all of the above plus lint that we give the inappropriately cute name of dusty bunny.

My flooring needs to be replaced, and I’m hoping the home improvement fairy will show up with carpeting almost everywhere. I know things are as dirty, but with my now often being wall-to-wall dust bunnies, “out of sight, out of mind” seems just fine to me.

Besides, vacuuming is marginally okay as tasks go, despite my dislike of my vacuum. I was attacked by the door-to-door people and caved. It’s still better than sweeping. I don’t even mind the daily dry mop – dust really does get everywhere. But mopping – ugh. It’s the pits. Plus, I don’t do a good job. Sometimes, we dislike things because we’re bad at them, but I don’t think that’s the case here. That is, I’m bad at it, but mopping was loathe at first sight. Not even Swiffers make it better.

14 thoughts on “The challenge of the chore.

  1. I’ve always done the ironing in our house, even when it was my wife’s RAF uniform that had to be ironed. Now I’m the only one who has work shirts that need ironing, but when I put up the board, I get free choice of what’s on TV while I’m there.
    Cooking, on the other hand, is a tedious chore that rarely has any upside. I often don’t want to eat whatever it is by the time I’m done cooking it.

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    1. When my son graduated high school, I retired from doing “cooking” aside from the occasional holiday gathering. We’ll do a family dinner once or twice a week when schedules align, but these days, I eat a lot of sandwiches, ready-made, and rice.

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  2. I iron very seldom. Mopping, that is sometimes useless task as I have two medium dogs who stay in the house, dog hair everywhere. I can not seem to keep the dog hair cleaned up. Love the memes.

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  3. In 2019, I hired cleaners to come every other week, and I’ve never looked back. Best money I spend every month. Bar none. The other chores outside of cleaning my house top to bottom are fine, though if I could get out of all of them, I would. I definitely do whatever I can to complete them as efficiently as possible. Life is for living—I need to do more of that!

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