I’m pretty sick of conservatives and Christo-fascists levelling the word “woke” at good people like it’s some kind of pejorative.

That means, “expressing contempt or disapproval.”

Pro-tip: nobody wants moral advice from those who strip human rights away from the different, and celebrate mass shootings. And yes, it’s celebrate if you refuse to change.

“No way to prevent this,” say only nation where this regularly happens.”

When I want some talibangelical who thinks science is wrong, who thinks treating people who are different from you with generosity is evil, who thinks children marrying adults is fine, who doesn’t understand economics but labels everything they fear, “communism,” and who fetishizes guns to a revolting extent telling me what to do, I’ll let you all know.

Until then, hold your breath. I’ll stay “woke.” I’d rather be woke than an unrepentant, utterly selfish asshole.

Just saying.

Stop being nice to domestic terrorists.

Final thought: “woke” was originally a term used by conservatives who thought they knew stuff. They didn’t. We really aren’t ready for the internet.

When people eat lead paint.

3 thoughts on “Woke.

  1. I LOVE that fuck off meme!

    The use of woke as a pejorative is bizarre. If woke is supposedly bad, then it would seem that the opposite would be desirable. It would seem to me that the opposite of woke is ignorant, and I don’t think I’d want to go around advertising that.

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