Occasional thoughts.

How do you find new people when you discover that your people aren’t your people, and the convenient school years of enforced proximity friendship are but a memory?

How do you convince your kids to listen to your advice? How do you get them to do things not the hard way? How do you apologize to your parents for ignoring the plentiful good advice, despite what you thought about it back in the day? Does Hallmark make a card? Should I send chocolates?

Why do people shoot themselves in the foot when it comes to politics? Why do people vote unthinkingly? How can “pro-life” people ignore the body count associated with the lax gun laws they also embrace? Why does politics suck logic and civility from the room?

As goes your mouth, so goes your health. Brush at least twice a day (and for God’s sake, turn off the tap). Floss. For real, don’t just say you did it. Buy a Water Pik if you have to: it’s a great way to clutter up the bathroom counter with an expensive toy you won’t use (especially after the first month or the braces come off). Use an antibacterial, antiplaque rinse.

Go for regular dental checkups: skipping them is false economy. Ditto skipping the oil changes for your car.

credit: Bayview Family Dental

Old doesn’t always mean classic or antique. Sometimes “old” is just old. In related news…

It’s okay to throw things away. Get rid of the stuff that’s weighing you down. Most of us have too much stuff, especially here in the Canada-USA shopping block. Donating your surplus to charities is a kindness, but only if you’re donating not-crap. If it deserves the landfill, take it there yourself and spare the charity dumping costs. If abandoning things at the landfill pricks your conscience, as it does mine, so much the better. Resolve to acquire things more mindfully in the future to avoid feeling that way again.

Cats are good at boundaries, and they enforce them with pointy bits. People complain if I use pointy bits for enforcement, which seems rude.

Saying horrible things to people feels amazing in the moment, but conscience makes the memories hard to live with (unless you’re a sociopath, in which case conscience isn’t one of your issues).

Take the high road and bite your tongue, especially if you have a wounded heart. “Never trust your tongue when your heart is bitter, hush until you heal.” Good advice I sometimes wish I lived by.

credit: claimed by many

Everything is better when you’re home, and by “home” I mean that space where you’re fully you and at peace. For me, my home is found in my home. Feeling at home in my home, loving my space and feeling it love me back is a new (and appreciated) thing. For too many years, “home” for me was found only in the pages of books.

I feel closest to perfect, fully me and not too much me and eminently peaceful (except for the occasional shark panic), when I’m swimming in the ocean. The buoyancy and feeling of biological connection I get from salt water is divine (pools aren’t the same, salt chlorination notwithstanding).

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

header credit: The Psychological Group, Fort Lauderdale

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