Procrastination and JPEGs.

I have an essay ready to go, but this isn’t it. That piece is all PTSD and ugly bits, and I’m not feeling that today. Or rather, I don’t want to feel that today. I had a bad night: I feel frayed. Combining my lack of patience with the ugly ignorance easily discoverable online seems like a bad idea. So, I’m mostly going to stand down.

Thus, we have a first for me: a deconstructed collage. That sounds better than saying, “here are some memes.” The good thing is that I can now clear them off my desktop. It’s not enough to like them: I like to make sure I share.

The Art of Aphorism.
Credit unknown.
Lisa didn’t say it. In case you were worried.
Butter is good.
I want this pin.
Things we’ve forgotten.

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