The rules.

Thou shalt not kill.

Thou shalt not do a whole bunch of things, actually. Every religion and ever philosophy has a list. Not killing is one of the more popular prohibitions. One of the many they all have in common.

It’s a shame we’re so bad at following the rules. Especially the “not killing” one. It seems so obvious. Although we don’t do particularly well with “don’t lie, cheat, or steal” either. Our failure isn’t helpful. The rules are designed to work to our benefit. What would the world look like if we walked the rhetorical talk?

Individuals seem to manage it, and small collectives, but as a species, we fall short when it comes to acting in our best interest. Seneca told us to learn from history and literature in a better way. Ignore the facts and figures. Focus on the moral lessons. Focus on what is being taught about life.

Learn the right lessons.

We keep ignoring the memos.

We’re very good at justifying exceptions.

We’re very good at ignoring the explicit instruction that would work to our benefit.

We have odd instincts.

7 thoughts on “The rules.

  1. When you look at the “bell curve” there will always be people on the tail ends of either side, I guess. Still, it’s nice to aspire to something better. I often wonder that if ethics and values was an actual subject at school the world would look a little different…or not.

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    1. I think laziness is definitely a component. I used to think laziness was a neutral but I’m starting to think it may be, or at least lead to evil.

      And too often not only are bad choices not punished but the actors are venerated. Status-depending of course. Perhaps the corollary to “we have odd instincts” is we praise odd actions and unworthy actors. Sigh. I may be feeling harsh.

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