philosophical soundbite

it is an impossibility,

an illusion we are racing and chasing and

striving to achieve,

certain that the right combination of actions and intents,

the correct execution will somehow result

in near perfection for our lives

and our persons;

based on the mistaken assumption

that our choices and actions

are relevant and significant, and

contain scientific certainties

and are absolute –

a fallacy encouraged by our disregard,

both willful and unconscious

of the truth

which is that in the face of all that is and all that could be

we are small, momentary, and incredibly finite.

insignificant biological inhabitants,

living here with our insular pursuits in an incredibly complex world

that is whirling through an incomprehensible universe,

and the only thing that’s certain

in our short and simple lives is our obliviousness,

which for some fades for brief moments

as they gaze out into the dark and infinite,

and in a moment of supreme consciousness and awareness

become cognizant of the complete randomness

of our existence,

concluding in that moment of clarity

that in the final analysis

the only reasonable response is to laugh out loud at our

arrogance in attempting to exercise an element of control;

accepting instead the black humour inherent in the randomness

of our existence.

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