late night thoughts

The weirdest of thoughts show up in my head once I’m tucked in and ostensibly settled for sleep. Something about being prone inspires my brain to head off on weird tangents and analyze odd thoughts and questions. Last night was no exception; i was full of mental meanderings.

While lying there, not sleeping because it’s been hot, i was reminded of an important truth: never underestimate the overall impact of good intestinal health. A poorly functioning intestinal tract can make you miserable on a variety of levels. This is a truth that comes with age. A truth you wish you’d paid attention to when you were younger, a truth you feel compelled to share. Drink water and eat plenty of fibre-rich foods. You’ll be glad you did.

It’s like the moisturizer thing. I wish I’d been religious about it in my twenties. I should’ve emulated the example of my mother, but I didn’t, so now I’m playing catch up. On the upside, Oil of Olay is the bomb and getting miracle products deliveries that promise to roll back the clock that is evident in my wrinkles is a thrill. My face, however, wishes I’d started caring for my skin at an earlier age. I attempt to impart this truth to my twenty-something children, but I suspect they aren’t listening. They pay as much attention to parental advice as I did. It’s frustrating in the extreme.

It’s like the footwear truism. Mom always said spend your money on good shoes; they’re worth more than their weight in gold. I used to think this was ridiculous, but time has led to enlightenment. I’ve been involved with a variety of cheap and sleazy shoes over the years, but truthfully, they never treated me right. Over time, I came to see I was worth more than they were offering, and I came back around to Mom’s point of view. Chronically sore feet are a great motivator. The money i spent on garbage shoes could’ve bought me a few quality ones that would’ve treated me right. That money is gone now, along with the useless shoes i packed up and sent to the thrift stores. Sometimes, spending more is worth it. Based on the shoes that fill the catchall box at the front door, my kids aren’t paying attention to this bit of advice either.

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