A woman’s notebook: journalling and some very dramatic poetry.

When I left home for university at nineteen, packed among my possessions was a journal. “A woman’s notebook, being a blank book with quotes by women” would become my first official diary, though not my last. If I’d been choosing one myself, I’d have picked something different: this one had half-size pages and a glued binding. I like spiral notebooks that don’t cause hand cramps … Continue reading A woman’s notebook: journalling and some very dramatic poetry.

Self-care is an evolving art.

Self-care is a skill. If you’re lucky, your parents teach you everything you need to know. If you’re unlucky or over forty, it’s less innate and requires more education and practice. I was bad at self-care for a long time. It was the eating disorder and the raging mental illness. My energies were otherwise occupied. Wrinkle-treatments weren’t on my radar. I regret that now. Some … Continue reading Self-care is an evolving art.

Sneaky science: tears and congestion.

I tend to leak tears when I’m angry, upset, or frustrated: it’s one of the most annoying things about being female. It even trumps the random black hairs that show up on my chin. [i] There you are, making a point, presenting a rebuttal, or holding your space when suddenly, your voice cracks. You sniff because your nose has started to run. You realize tears … Continue reading Sneaky science: tears and congestion.

A little over-the-top.

An earnest young “dentist” is busy breaking the fourth wall as he discusses the dreaded “condition” of tooth sensitivity. [i] We know it’s a serious problem because he’s wearing a white lab coat and they’re filming him from odd angles. That means ‘pay attention’. This is serious stuff, after all. People are suffering. They have a condition. They emphasize that repeatedly. People are suffering from … Continue reading A little over-the-top.