Updates from recovery road.

Going through old blog posts is an interesting process. I regret not having the Grammarly extension back in the day. Correcting my historic affection for no capital letters continues to annoy. I’ve also started doing what I thought I’d never do, and that’s delete some of the “amazing” works I set loose on the world…… Continue reading Updates from recovery road.

Avoid excess.

I went camping last weekend. It was lovely. “Lovely” because what’s better than sitting around a campfire with your friends? And when said campfire is perched beside a rushing river that snakes among a forest of eighty-foot-tall evergreens with butterflies fluttering in the nearby grasses and eagles circling overhead? Heaven. Plus, I make a mean…… Continue reading Avoid excess.

I was lucky.

My garage is currently car-free. The space that’s normally available has been co-opted; it’s all a bit of a mess. This is the first time I haven’t been able to park my car under cover since I was twenty-seven. The garages in the homes I grew up in were always used as storage space. Always.…… Continue reading I was lucky.

I’m sorry.

My daughter says “I’m sorry” all the time. She’s standing in front of the sink, washing dishes. We have a dishwasher but my grandson’s bottles get washed by hand. Something about dirt collecting in the nipples. She’s busy but I want to throw something in the garbage. I step up beside her and say, “excuse…… Continue reading I’m sorry.