A little over-the-top.

An earnest young “dentist” is busy breaking the fourth wall as he discusses the dreaded “condition” of tooth sensitivity. [i] We know it’s a serious problem because he’s wearing a white lab coat and they’re filming him from odd angles. That means ‘pay attention’. This is serious stuff, after all. People are suffering. They have…… Continue reading A little over-the-top.

When it’s not a loose crown.

I thought it was a loose crown. It was only put on six months ago, one of four treatments I could finally afford; three implants and a crown on one of the root canal victims. I like my new teeth and my crown. My cheeks no longer look like they’re collapsing. I can chew solid…… Continue reading When it’s not a loose crown.

i don’t want to work out

“I’ve been having conversations with my eating disorder. They haven’t been great ones – I’ve not been enjoying them. This is mostly because my eating disorder is not a great conversationalist. She doesn’t dialogue well; she’s rude, aggressive, intolerant, and kind of mean.

She’s up in arms because I haven’t been exercising. I’ve done nothing for five days…”

it’s hard to think clearly over the pain

“i can’t think clearly over the pain.

it occurred to me that i’ve been in this situation before. metaphorically as well as actually. i often have trouble thinking over the pain. after all, isn’t that really what my mood-altering behaviours are designed to do? they help me escape from the pain that i can’t function my way through.”