How’s the stress?

I’m taking an online course on personal growth.  The timing for the coaching sessions is coincidentally excellent. There’s a pandemic and I have time on my hands The first module was about stress. * I tend to think I’m not under much stress. I mean yes, I have personal, behavioural, and mental health issues, I’m…… Continue reading How’s the stress?

What about podcasts?

I don’t listen to podcast. I wish I did, sort of. Some of them seem quite interesting. I try periodically but I find multitasking to them ineffectual; they don’t work as background noise the way music does. You have to pay attention. If I try to multitask while they’re playing, I don’t take in what I’m listening to and the task I’m trying to perform ends up half-assed. I have the same problem with audiobooks. I can’t do anything but listen and since that’s the case, I prefer to read. Sitting and doing nothing but listening is difficult for me…