A good mood, a bad autobiography, and a bookcase.

I had a thought but then I lost it. I’d look for it but that would require challenging the inertia depression brings to my reality. Except inertia has been in abeyance for the last few days. I’ve been productive. I’ve been in an oddly good mood. These two things are probably not unconnected. My anxiety’s…… Continue reading A good mood, a bad autobiography, and a bookcase.

200 posts – thank you.

“I had a look at the stats page on my blog the other morning; something I almost never do. I try not to be invested in results. I write because I feel compelled to, because it helps me, because it might help someone else, and because it lets me connect with interesting people. I don’t want to grow angst-ridden about market share.

The timing of the peek was serendipitous. The post counter has me at one-hundred and ninety-nine posts, making this number two-hundred.

I feel compelled to created something spectacular, yet, remain stymied over what to say.

I wasn’t going to write today…”

reading for the sheer pleasure of it

“i read stephen king’s “the stand” last weekend and it was fantastic. i enjoyed reading it immensely. i’m sure there are critics who disliked the book, and people who won’t hesitate to point out the flaws, and i will admit that at times his level of description is over the top, but at the end of the day the book did what a novel is supposed to do. it entertained me. it pulled me into the story and let me live in a different world for a while.”