I like calling them panic attacks.

We tend to sanitize the English language. Too much, in my humble opinion.
I understand the motivation. A great many terms have become pejorative.
Language that used to be acceptable but is blatantly derogatory, exclusionary, and discriminatory is no longer considered acceptable by the rank and file. There are hangers on, of course, but their use of antiquated and ugly terminology makes them easily identifiable…

navel-gazing my brain

Image: 0127160608, License: Rights managed, - (PICTURED The amazing photos of a lemur meditating in the sunshine.) - This lemur looks like he is channelling the spirit of Buddha - as he sits MEDITATING. Sitting with his legs crossed, the lemur clasps his thumb and fore finger together with outstretched arms - just like the spiritual teacher. And amateur snapper Sebastien Degardin, 32, was on hand to capture the bizarre moment the animal searched for enlightenment on film. Sebastien, who moved from his native Belgium to Finchley, North London, said: I was gobsmacked when I saw this lemur meditating., Model Release: No or not aplicable, Credit line: Profimedia.cz, Caters News

“i get tired of all the navel-gazing i do, even if the part i’m analyzing is my brain and not my abdomen. which is not to say that i don’t spend a significant amount of time contemplating my abs…”