Clogs and plantar fasciitis.

I’ve been feeling better mentally. I’m still a little insane, what with the sprained hippocampus and chronic mental illness, but I feel solid. Maybe it’s because things are chaotic? Perhaps I need dark days and misery to shine? I worry about the improvements lasting a little: I’ve felt new before. But there are changes this time that didn’t happen before. I’m not interested in being … Continue reading Clogs and plantar fasciitis.

I love a good collage, don’t you?

I’ve been laid up and (mostly) off my feet these past two days. The failure of engineering that is my lumbar spine has been mounting a protest. Most of the time I push through rather than follow doctor’s orders, but my heart’s not in it this time. It takes little to tip me into sadness these days. On the bright side, I’ve been doing more … Continue reading I love a good collage, don’t you?

Should we tell the children that life is pain?

Query: How many challenges have you overcome? Dude, you don’t have that kind of time. [i] Plus, I don’t always want to go there. I don’t think you have to include trigger warnings everywhere – I do not drop the shit on everything – but I’m surprised sometimes by the things that set me off. The brain is a weird and wonderful animal. It’s not … Continue reading Should we tell the children that life is pain?

Not what I want.

it would make a scene, I suspect, if I caused among those who are surrounding  me the kind of pain I carry (not to brag, she said with false humility, but there’s a fair bit trapped inside)   (and honestly, they own much of it).   the blood spatter, however, would make extra work for our waitress, and service workers are overworked, underpaid, borderline-slave labour. … Continue reading Not what I want.