Pain, pain, pain, complain.

What do you call a writer who doesn’t write? In my case, you could call her a gardener. Except, I don’t do much gardening either. Bits and pieces here and there, which is most of my life these days. A bit of this, a bit of that. It’s not that I can’t stay on task…… Continue reading Pain, pain, pain, complain.

Muted self-hatred and listening skills.

In “The Chronicles of Riddick,” the titular character is told by the Purifier, as they observe “converts” receiving the Necromonger mark, that the sufferers are learning how one pain can lessens another. I always thought the Purifier was incorrect. New pain doesn’t cure old pain. It does, however, distract, which allows you to shift your…… Continue reading Muted self-hatred and listening skills.

The trees are making me feral.

The good thing about hard times is they make us philosophical. Very little helpful philosophy comes from a week at a tropical all-inclusive, except that one should balance water and alcohol carefully, and sunscreen is never a bad idea. I noticed the misery-philosophy connection early on. I made any number of philosophical insights in the…… Continue reading The trees are making me feral.

Reblog: “What chronic pain management techniques are there? by ‘When Women Inspire’.”

A computer screen is a cruel mirror but then, I already knew the truth about what it was showing. The bags under my eyes are dire. No makeup will hide them: we’re talking prosthetic construction, here. I love that I can appreciate moderately funny when I’m full of battle fatigue and rage a fair bit…… Continue reading Reblog: “What chronic pain management techniques are there? by ‘When Women Inspire’.”