Muted self-hatred and listening skills.

In “The Chronicles of Riddick,” the titular character is told by the Purifier, as they observe “converts” receiving the Necromonger mark, that the sufferers are learning how one pain can lessens another. I always thought the Purifier was incorrect. New pain doesn’t cure old pain. It does, however, distract, which allows you to shift your…… Continue reading Muted self-hatred and listening skills.

A movie review, but only because I’m mad.

This has spoilers. I was initially going to put the word “spoiler” in the text when I approached something that would be one, but I quickly realized this would be annoying. Reason four-thousand, two-hundred and ninety-seven why I hate doing reviews. Anyhow, this thing is full of spoilers. If you read it, you’ll know the…… Continue reading A movie review, but only because I’m mad.

Watching “The Faculty”.

I haven’t been watching “The Faculty” and that’s a bit of a problem. “The Faculty” is a movie from 1998, yet another reworking of “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers”. This one takes place in a high school. The adults, as expected, are either oblivious or useless so it’s up to the high-school heroes to…… Continue reading Watching “The Faculty”.

Distrusting your judgement.

…I like to say I have awful judgement, that I’m a poor judge of character, and that I’m bad at reading signs but that’s just a knee-jerk, self-critical response. The truth is, I’m actually pretty good at it. In retrospect, a lot of my judgements and conclusions and feelings have been accurate. I just don’t listen to them. I ignore what I think, I ignore my gut. Because who am I to have an opinion or feeling about anything that directly affects me? Who am I to say what I think?…