Change, Movies, and the Love List.

The times, they are a-changin‘, not just societally, but for me personally as well. I’m in flux; I feel like I’m standing on unstable ground. Everything is up in the air. Fluidity isn’t my preferred lifestyle: I’m not a fan of uncertainty at the best of times, and a dying parent is not the best of times. I thought I built my house on rock … Continue reading Change, Movies, and the Love List.

A movie review, but only because I’m mad.

This has spoilers. I was initially going to put the word “spoiler” in the text when I approached something that would be one, but I quickly realized this would be annoying. Reason four-thousand, two-hundred and ninety-seven why I hate doing reviews. Anyhow, this thing is full of spoilers. If you read it, you’ll know the secrets. You’ve been warned. My Netflix My List is out … Continue reading A movie review, but only because I’m mad.

Watching “The Faculty”.

I haven’t been watching “The Faculty” and that’s a bit of a problem. “The Faculty” is a movie from 1998, yet another reworking of “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers”. This one takes place in a high school. The adults, as expected, are either oblivious or useless so it’s up to the high-school heroes to save the day once they realize the peril they face. … Continue reading Watching “The Faculty”.