Off the cuff.

Another night of weak sleep. It’s a combination of things: guilt at snapping at my parents, distress over my daughter’s problems, personal grief, pain and misery. On the bright side, my hips are fine. As in, they’re still screwed but no worse than last year. Why then, the pain, the swelling, the vomiting? Referrals are…… Continue reading Off the cuff.

A certain age and chin hair.

I’m a “lady of a certain age”. That’s the term from the historical romances I have an affection for, though in those books, “a certain age” for women is anything over the age of twenty-two. I’m well-past twenty-two and have the eye cream to prove it. And yet, I don’t feel different from when I…… Continue reading A certain age and chin hair.

The horror of hot flashes.

A few years back, a close friend slid all the way into menopause and started having hot flashes. Being a forty-something woman, I was aware of their existence but she was my first experience in the flesh, so to speak. My mother never experienced them. Menstruation stopped and that was pretty much it for her.…… Continue reading The horror of hot flashes.