When I maladaptively daydream, I kick ass.

“Maladaptive daydreaming has been the subject of a series of previous studies. Somer and colleagues found that maladaptive daydreaming is characterized by extensive daydreaming that occupies many hours per day, causes significant subjective distress and interferes with function, and is accompanied by extensive comorbidity. It can be differentiated from normal daydreaming with both self‐report measures and a structured interview that incorporates proposed diagnostic criteria for … Continue reading When I maladaptively daydream, I kick ass.

What if Indy couldn’t run?

Life’s interesting. It’s also the only game in town. I wonder if that’s why we’re committed to liking it: there are no other options. You can’t request a transfer to life, section seven if you feel this one isn’t working out. God should’ve checked in with universities on scheduling and course layout. If life was a television show, the reviews would include words like “torturous,” … Continue reading What if Indy couldn’t run?

My brain and even more random thoughts.

Some people think cats can see ghosts. If ghosts are a thing and cats can see them, do they see the ghosts of all the moths and spiders they’ve killed? Is this why cats race around like mad things, to escape the hordes of vengeful dead that periodically stalk them? I’m inclined to judge people who smell like marijuana less harshly. I’m want to race … Continue reading My brain and even more random thoughts.