A green ball in the hall.

There’s a green ball in the doorway to my bedroom. It’s about fifteen inches in diameters so it partially blocks one’s path. It’s been living there, half in my room and half in the hall, for about week. Every day I walk by it and think about putting it away. Yet there it sits, mocking…… Continue reading A green ball in the hall.


I came to coffee late in the game but I’ve made up for lost time. I drink a robust number of cups every day. I may have a problem with consumption; this is because I tend to embrace vices wholeheartedly. Rather than criticize myself, I’m trying to take a lifetime view. When you consider the years that I didn’t drink coffee, my cup per day average is really quite low…

Peanut butter and banana sandwiches

“I eat a lot of peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Nearly every day for lunch, in fact, and that bothers me some. I worry over whether it’s compulsive. Eating’s difficult when you’re recovering from an eating disorder. It’s not easy or natural for me yet. Preparing and eating a meal at mealtime takes thought. Not restricting is a challenge – if a bagel would be good, perhaps half a bagel with no butter would be better. I have those conversations with my food choices quite regularly…”