Not nearly enough editing.

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve arrogantly decided to put together a “best of” for publication. It’ll be an e-book mostly with on-demand printing as an option. Or not. I haven’t looked into it in any great detail: I’m still finishing the book draft although I hear Canva is the place to be for self-publishers. I’d wanted…… Continue reading Not nearly enough editing.

Am I in control of my goals?

““It doesn’t matter what the external things is, the value we place on it subjugates us to another…where our heart is set, there our impediment lies.” – Epictetus

“When it comes to your goals and the things you strive for, ask yourself: Am I in control of them or they in control of me?”

I have a journal with writing prompts that I try to get to every day. It’s not to be confused with my regular journal, or the gratitude journal that sits beside my bed. In my quest for mental stability and calmness, I do a lot of writing…”

the wheel keeps turning

“the wheels keep turning and life moves on. time passes whether you want it to or not. there’s no pause button and there are no time-outs. it doesn’t matter if you’re living well or poorly, if you’re struggling or things are fine, the sun rises and sets regardless.”