First times, revisited.

I’m not writing much these days. Heat, apathy, and sickness, both my own and familial, have contributed to my sense of futility and ennui. I’m uninterested in almost everything, save for bad news. It’s good when one’s view of a dark and depressing world is confirmed. Bring on the stories about climate change and ugly…… Continue reading First times, revisited.

Not nearly enough editing.

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve arrogantly decided to put together a “best of” for publication. It’ll be an e-book mostly with on-demand printing as an option. Or not. I haven’t looked into it in any great detail: I’m still finishing the book draft although I hear Canva is the place to be for self-publishers. I’d wanted…… Continue reading Not nearly enough editing.

Annoying numbers and hard-boiled eggs.

I like numbers, save for those found in high-level cosmology and physics. And that’s really a jealousy issue: I hate that I don’t speak the language. I stopped my math education at university, year one. I can mostly understand the lectures but the papers and texts might as well be Greek. Which they also use.…… Continue reading Annoying numbers and hard-boiled eggs.

Random thought number something.

I’m reading – still- Bessel van der Klok’s The Body. And listening to an excellent playlist. And standing because I sit too much in general. I’ve heard sitting is the new smoking. Like we’re not all going to die at some point. Random thoughts keep intruding and my attention keeps wandering. Would I have been…… Continue reading Random thought number something.