We don’t talk about Bruno in my family either.

My family doesn’t talk about important personal stuff. We’ll get into the nitty-gritty when it’s politics or important global issues – we tend to skew liberal, except for that ugly period when my father was listening to Rush Limbaugh. We had an intervention. We even talk about money, uni-directionally. My father regularly wants to know “how’s your debt, do you need any cash?” I mostly … Continue reading We don’t talk about Bruno in my family either.

Cursed with perspective.

Perspective is a good thing. It can facilitate conversations. It can help stave off arguments and keep anger in check. It encourages understanding. Perspective gives insight. But sometimes, having perspective can be problematic. Understanding the other person’s point of view can sometimes impede the drawing of necessary lines. You “get” them. You understand their feelings so you don’t stand for yourself or push disagreement; you … Continue reading Cursed with perspective.