Clogs and plantar fasciitis.

I’ve been feeling better mentally. I’m still a little insane, what with the sprained hippocampus and chronic mental illness, but I feel solid. Maybe it’s because things are chaotic? Perhaps I need dark days and misery to shine? I worry about the improvements lasting a little: I’ve felt new before. But there are changes this time that didn’t happen before. I’m not interested in being … Continue reading Clogs and plantar fasciitis.

Don’t overdo it.

I’m not sleeping well lately, though no existential search is required. It’s not even the “mother with cancer” thing. It’s simply pain. It rarely stops now, and though it’s not as sob-inducing as my neuralgia, it’s not insignificant. My new, new surgeon is investigating a suggestion by my new, now former surgeon. All roads lead to surgery, it seems. Only a few weeks wait for … Continue reading Don’t overdo it.

Not too hot, not too cold.

I love watching “Miss Congeniality.” It’s funny without descending into the overtly stupid. And while there are gem-moments aplenty – who doesn’t want to do UV paint drumming with Sandra Bullock? – I think perhaps my favourite scene is the contestant interviews that take place early in the competition. In response to being asked to describe her perfect date, Cheryl, the sweetly naïve Miss Rhode … Continue reading Not too hot, not too cold.

My neuralgia has flared up: I’m waiting for locusts.

I used to think I was a new soul. I don’t believe in reincarnation, except when I do, which then is in a vague, don’t think about the details much, kind of way. I decided on “new soul” because I don’t feel like I’ve been here before. Except I have this thing where I hate my neck being touched. I don’t like necklaces, I can’t … Continue reading My neuralgia has flared up: I’m waiting for locusts.