How are you brave – eating disorder recovery.

Eating disorders are addiction adjacent. [i] Some people consider eating disorders to be addiction-proper. They follow that model at my last inpatient centre. It does tick a lot of the boxes. It’s beyond our control, for sure. And some of the recovery steps for addiction work well with an ED. I found pursuing them during my last inpatient stay quite helpful. Fearless inventory? Sure, why … Continue reading How are you brave – eating disorder recovery.

Clothing and eating disorders – it’s complicated.

I’m wearing pants today. This is a big win – I haven’t worn pants in a long time. This isn’t to say I walk around in only skirts, or naked from the waist down. But pants, or rather tailored trousers, are a challenge. Historically, I only wear oversized or covered-up. [i] I have four pairs of baggy track pants that make up the majority of … Continue reading Clothing and eating disorders – it’s complicated.

Apple fritters for breakfast.

I don’t like doughnuts. I find them greasy and mostly unsatisfying. I wonder if I’d have developed an affection for them if I hadn’t developed an eating disorder. Foods like doughnuts are forbidden. They’re empty calories that will definitely make you fatter than you are. You eat a doughnut when you have an eating disorder, and your brain will lecture you about that personal failure … Continue reading Apple fritters for breakfast.