Skinned knees hurt.

I’m no good at skateboarding. It’s not about balance. I do yoga on the semi-regular and can hold a tree with the middlest of them. It’s about impact on cement and being kind of a chicken. I’m also pretty willing to give up. As Homer Simpson says, “if something’s hard to do, it’s not worth…… Continue reading Skinned knees hurt.

Feelings come first.

I have trouble with my thoughts. I don’t like a lot of them. They’re harsh, critical, and disturbing. They make me feel bad; they make me afraid.

Except they don’t.

I’ve realized that I have it backwards. It’s the feelings that come first. Feelings rise up and inspire the thoughts which then the amplify the problematic feelings, creating more problematic thoughts, and so on.

It’s a vicious cycle…

I can take care of myself.


I’m afraid, almost all the time. Although I have phobias regarding certain things, spiders for example, this is not that kind of fear. This is a fear or nothing and everything and it’s with me all the time; it’s in my bones, written into my operating system. It impedes my ability to do almost everything. It makes me want to stay in my house, in my room, where I know it’s safe. Where I won’t have to deal with people. It makes me not want to deviate from my routine to try and control it and keep it at bay. Because the fear is awful, and I want more than anything to feel safe, and in order to do so, I keep my world small…