Daniel X and the Total Gym.

I’ve been reading; it’s how I plan to eliminate the piles of unread books that litter my house. Unfortunately, not all my reading has been from the unread masses – when I’m sad, I want to touch base with old familiars rather than deal with new acquaintances. Still, props to me for getting through three …

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reading for the sheer pleasure of it

"i read stephen king’s “the stand” last weekend and it was fantastic. i enjoyed reading it immensely. i’m sure there are critics who disliked the book, and people who won’t hesitate to point out the flaws, and i will admit that at times his level of description is over the top, but at the end of the day the book did what a novel is supposed to do. it entertained me. it pulled me into the story and let me live in a different world for a while."