Hate is hard to sustain (though I’ve tried).

A great many people live lives full of hate. People think they can compartmentalize it, so it doesn’t infect everything they do, but they’re wrong. It’s a suffocating evil that infects every part of the spirit. I’m impressed by their dedication, though. As I’ve discovered over the last few weeks, hate is hard to sustain;…… Continue reading Hate is hard to sustain (though I’ve tried).

Reblog: “What chronic pain management techniques are there? by ‘When Women Inspire’.”

A computer screen is a cruel mirror but then, I already knew the truth about what it was showing. The bags under my eyes are dire. No makeup will hide them: we’re talking prosthetic construction, here. I love that I can appreciate moderately funny when I’m full of battle fatigue and rage a fair bit…… Continue reading Reblog: “What chronic pain management techniques are there? by ‘When Women Inspire’.”

PTSD and bathroom renovations.

Depression ebbs and flows. You only believe its cyclical nature, however, when you’re trending up. When you’re sinking or at the bottom change seems like a pipe dream: black is all life will ever be. I’m trending up these days. Luckily, I have other issues: perhaps now isn’t the best time to renovate my en…… Continue reading PTSD and bathroom renovations.

A smashed staple gun.

In case I didn’t mention it, I dropped one of my medications. In coordination with my doctors: I didn’t go rogue. If it turns out I did mention it, welcome to the update. * There’s been some good. The dread that accompanied the pill-taking is gone. I didn’t realize how heavy the burden had become…… Continue reading A smashed staple gun.