The trees are making me feral.

The good thing about hard times is they make us philosophical. Very little helpful philosophy comes from a week at a tropical all-inclusive, except that one should balance water and alcohol carefully, and sunscreen is never a bad idea. I noticed the misery-philosophy connection early on. I made any number of philosophical insights in the…… Continue reading The trees are making me feral.

A certain age and chin hair.

I’m a “lady of a certain age”. That’s the term from the historical romances I have an affection for, though in those books, “a certain age” for women is anything over the age of twenty-two. I’m well-past twenty-two and have the eye cream to prove it. And yet, I don’t feel different from when I…… Continue reading A certain age and chin hair.

Agelessness – a few random thoughts

I don’t feel young, I know that for sure. I remember what young feels like and this isn’t it. I don’t think I feel old either, although perhaps I do. Perhaps this is what old feels like? Perhaps there is no old. Perhaps there’s just evolution. No graduated stages of mental cognition. No aging over…… Continue reading Agelessness – a few random thoughts