Not journaling, definitely not crying.

I’m not journaling. The pretty notebook I use to share my thoughts and feelings in lies nearby on the floor. I’m only feet away from getting it done, but my avoidant-urge is strong, my counselor’s admonishments about the importance of letting things out notwithstanding. I’d blame my depression, but using that as an excuse when…… Continue reading Not journaling, definitely not crying.

I binged yesterday.

I binged yesterday. Except I didn’t. That is, I binged, but it was a regular binge, not a bulimia binge. The difference is in quality and quantity, both important factors. Quantity especially. When it comes to numbers, a bulimic binge can be a different kind of animal. [i] I remember listening to my friends as…… Continue reading I binged yesterday.

Breathe deeply. Relax.

My anxiety is high at the moment. I’m a little triggered. I thought I’d write about it. About how anxiety is currently happening in various degrees to most people in the age of COVID. About some simple things you can do to help calm the mind and body. I was thinking about it while sitting…… Continue reading Breathe deeply. Relax.