The bags under my eyes.

The bags under my eyes officially qualify as suitcases, in case you haven’t had enough overused clichés today. Unfortunately, while trite, the phrase is accurate. The bags are suitcase-y indeed. I suspect it’s because of all the sleep I’m not getting. I’d take the magic pills, but they’re a transitory fix. The problem is pain,…… Continue reading The bags under my eyes.

Do we really need face cream?

Should I pity the women who lived prior to the now and the near now, I wonder? How did they deal with the unimaginable tragedies of dry skin and aging? They weren’t nearly as blessed as we are vis a vis the available choices to deal though I don’t remember Laura Ingalls devoting any space…… Continue reading Do we really need face cream?

getting your photo taken

“…The screen saver on my computer is set to the photograph file. When the computer is at rest, it plays a montage of all the pictures I’ve taken and uploaded, ever. What a wonderful thing that is.

I get to see pictures of my children when they were young, of my parents when they were young too. I revisit vacations and school concerts and birthday parties. I see funny moments, and serious ones, and tender ones too.

Sometimes, I just sit at the desk and watch my life roll by.
I’m not in it very much…”