What about “Radical Discontinuity”?

I came across the phrase “radical discontinuity” in a reading recently. I like the words strung together that way. It sounds energetic. It sounds immediate. It sounds like change. It sounds like something I might want in my life.

“Radical discontinuity” is an interesting concept.

In my mind, the term “radical discontinuity” reflects a sharp break between the then and the now; a shift between yesterday and today brought about by decision or circumstance. It is a change that results in a dramatic evolution in behaviours…

Parenting and the big picture.

I think I was a good parent. I’m still a parent, of course, but when your youngest is turning twenty, the role changes somewhat. That’s how it goes with parenting. As soon as you figure out your kid and your job, everything changes. You have to figure things out again. But I think I was a good parent…

Titles are annoying, part II: Things I dislike and the upside of reality.

I hate reality at times. My hatred is personal and global.

It’s probably not really hatred. “Hate” is a strong word I try to use sparingly. I want to hold it back, keep the impact intact for situations that are really deserving. Like, “I hate Nazis.”

I dislike reality at times. My dislike is personal and global. Reality is, at times, wholly annoying…

Titles are annoying, Part I.

“Titles are annoying, both status-based and written. Social titles are annoying, creating an artificial hierarchical structure that I refuse to buy into. Titles for written works are also annoying. Creating new ones over and over is onerous. I hate trying to be clever and attention-grabbing. I hate trying to summarize my thoughts in seven words or less. If I could do that, I wouldn’t need three pages of writing. I would be queen of the aphorism…”