quiet mornings at the lake.

“there’s something that soothes when you sit by a lake, especially early in the morning, when the temperature has equalized causing the wind to drop off, and the water looks almost like glass, rippling gently as underwater streams flow. it’s a lovely slice of peace and quiet, available to me because even on vacation, i get up early.”

so, self-awareness, anyone?

“developing greater self-awareness is one of the goals i’ve been working on with my counsellor. i’d have had greater success if i’d have understood exactly what it was.”

when not to make big plans

“i have the ‘flu. okay, it’s not the ‘flu it’s a cold, but it’s a bad one. well, not bad, but i’m definitely miserable. my nose is running like a tap, i have the fuzzy brain that comes from congestion, i’m ache-y and cough-y, and yesterday i’m pretty sure i set a world record for sneezing.”