The fridge is bursting.

The fridge is bursting. There’s too much food in the house. Definitely a problem of privilege. I’m aware of that, yet my problems are my problems, real and difficult for me; other people’s different problems don’t negate my reality. I’ve had this issue before. I don’t do it to myself – I’m careful about the…… Continue reading The fridge is bursting.

Logic and id.

I admire Commander Data. It must be nice to think clearly no matter the situation, to remain unswayed by emotional tempests. Unless your evil twin implants an evil chip. Thinking clearly is a cherished goal of mine. I’d love to be able to logic my way through the mental chaos that’s inside me all too…… Continue reading Logic and id.

Can you footwear make you happy?

It’s flip-flop season again. Once winter ends, I pull all my flip-flops to the front of the closet. It’s rare for anything without a toe strap to adorn my feet from now until the frost returns. Even then I give it a few days. I make sure the cold weather is sticking around before I…… Continue reading Can you footwear make you happy?

Thank God for antibiotics.

Thank God for antibiotics. We mostly don’t die from simple infections anymore. The first was penicillin, discovered in the 1940s after British scientist Alexander Fleming observed the effect a specific kind of mold was having on infectious bacteria. Since then, antibiotics have been recognized as one of the greatest advances in therapeutic medicine. Prior to…… Continue reading Thank God for antibiotics.