Two weeks and counting, and I’m chuffed.

I stopped smoking two weeks ago. I’m feeling pretty good about my progress. I didn’t tell anyone for the first week. I didn’t want the pressure of expectations. I didn’t want to try and fail publicly again. Not advertising again seemed prudent. I did some other things differently too. I didn’t make sure to quit…… Continue reading Two weeks and counting, and I’m chuffed.

Priorities (part one).

I’m not a good person when I’m seriously depressed. I’m not good with myself and I’m not good with other people. Perhaps it’s because you can’t give what you don’t have? If you can’t give yourself love, respect, and acceptance; if you can’t give yourself empathy, caring, and understanding, you won’t be giving it to…… Continue reading Priorities (part one).

I’m sorry.

My daughter says “I’m sorry” all the time. She’s standing in front of the sink, washing dishes. We have a dishwasher but my grandson’s bottles get washed by hand. Something about dirt collecting in the nipples. She’s busy but I want to throw something in the garbage. I step up beside her and say, “excuse…… Continue reading I’m sorry.

Vanity. Definitely my favourite sin. *

I’m a shockingly vain person. I don’t want to be, exactly. It comes along with the eating disorder. The only started thinking about it recently. It’s hard to square vanity with self-hatred but an eating disorder shows it’s possible to exhibit both simultaneously. Eating disorders are many things. Self-love is not one of them. Vanity…… Continue reading Vanity. Definitely my favourite sin. *