Where do we go from here?

It occurred to me today as I sat down to write another crap journal entry (I’m not enamoured with journalling of late) that I had written almost nothing about the coronavirus. This struck me as rather odd and a bit navel-gazey. A journal doesn’t have to be all about me. Other things do happen in…… Continue reading Where do we go from here?

Encounters with death.

Death keeps coming closer, and I’m finding it hard to maintain my sense of detachment. I don’t like death, for all that it’s an inevitable consequence of living, for all that we’re dying from the moment we arrive here on earth. For all I keep it in reserve as an escape option. We’re marked for…… Continue reading Encounters with death.

Contemplation of the ideal woman.

I have an app because of course, I do. I’m a product of my time. The app is called “Stoic” and it’s rather impressive. Within its electronic parameters it has not only several essays written by Massimo Pigliucci, a professor of philosophy, but a variety of Stoic texts: Letters from a Stoic by Seneca; Meditation by Marcus Aurelius; and The Enchiridion and The Discourses by Seneca. So much information and inspiration contained in one little icon. I could be educating and enlightening myself near constantly. It makes the time I spend on Toon Town seem wasted…