When you wake up angry.

I find it odd when I wake up with an established mood. Shouldn’t I wake up neutral? Some people wake up moody because they’ve been disturbed by their dreams; they’re sad or upset or angry based on the real but not real nocturnal adventures they’ve been through. I don’t remember my dreams so I expect…… Continue reading When you wake up angry.

A bit of dark apathy.

I’m feeling dark.
I used up too many spoons yesterday, a potentially fatal mistake when you’re deep in depression’s grip. It was my son’s twentieth birthday, however, and there was up to be gotten, preparations to be made, food to be cooked, and people to be interacted with. For hours…

One true way.

We are regularly told there is one true way. One true way for almost everything. There is one true way to recover. One true way to parent. One true religion. One true political philosophy and one true economic system. There is one true science, one true god, and one true reality. There is Star Wars or Star Trek, Slytherin or Gryffindor…