We’re odd little creatures – a few thoughts.

Humans are odd creatures. We deliberately make bad choices. We deliberately act against our sown elf-interest. We know what the better choices are, we know the discomfort of abandoning our self-destructive and harmful behaviours is manageable and yet, we persist in proceeding down dead-end paths. Addictions, neuroses, negative thoughts, and negative acts abound. We set…… Continue reading We’re odd little creatures – a few thoughts.

A rise in escapism.

Three hundred hours of video are upload to YouTube every minute, and 317,000 status updates are posted on Facebook. Netflix users spent one hundred and forty million hours a day watching content. Hulu and other streaming services are growing. Social media platforms are expanding. We’re all looking at the screens, all captivated by images and posts and tweets and pictures of baby animals. Time becomes meaningless. Planned minutes on the TV or computer or phone become hours. We never look up. We rarely look away. What then, are we missing? What don’t we see?…