It’s oh so quiet.

It’s very hot. Not a cloud in the sky, just the sun burning down without mercy. Only the occasional car or lawnmower breaks the summer silence: the kids are hiding out in air-conditioned comfort; it’s too fierce out save for the truly dedicated. The birds are panting in the trees. The world seems suspended and…… Continue reading It’s oh so quiet.

Can you footwear make you happy?

It’s flip-flop season again. Once winter ends, I pull all my flip-flops to the front of the closet. It’s rare for anything without a toe strap to adorn my feet from now until the frost returns. Even then I give it a few days. I make sure the cold weather is sticking around before I…… Continue reading Can you footwear make you happy?

quiet mornings at the lake.

“there’s something that soothes when you sit by a lake, especially early in the morning, when the temperature has equalized causing the wind to drop off, and the water looks almost like glass, rippling gently as underwater streams flow. it’s a lovely slice of peace and quiet, available to me because even on vacation, i get up early.”