Thumbs down. No more Lysol.

I like the Method brand of spray cleaners. They come in pretty colours and they smell good, especially the grapefruit version. The French Lavender might be a touch strong. They also work, something many product manufacturers don’t seem to worry about. You can even use it on wood, perfect for the lazy cleaner who hates…… Continue reading Thumbs down. No more Lysol.

It’s oh so quiet.

It’s very hot. Not a cloud in the sky, just the sun burning down without mercy. Only the occasional car or lawnmower breaks the summer silence: the kids are hiding out in air-conditioned comfort; it’s too fierce out save for the truly dedicated. The birds are panting in the trees. The world seems suspended and…… Continue reading It’s oh so quiet.

Avoid excess.

I went camping last weekend. It was lovely. “Lovely” because what’s better than sitting around a campfire with your friends? And when said campfire is perched beside a rushing river that snakes among a forest of eighty-foot-tall evergreens with butterflies fluttering in the nearby grasses and eagles circling overhead? Heaven. Plus, I make a mean…… Continue reading Avoid excess.


I can do what I want. This is true of everyone. We’re not as constrained as we like to think. At least not in any real sense. The constraints we experience are primarily self-imposed. We choose what we do. We choose what we don’t do. We allow ourselves to be constrained. There are reasons. Often,…… Continue reading Constraints.