Forgotten writings.

I forgot about the blog I created on Blogger. How does that happen?I remembered to connect my Tumblr, including my efforts at immortality via (weak) poetry, when I started on WordPress, but Blogger, by then, had slipped entirely from my mind. I feel bad about that: I had all the love at one point in…… Continue reading Forgotten writings.

A green ball in the hall.

There’s a green ball in the doorway to my bedroom. It’s about fifteen inches in diameters so it partially blocks one’s path. It’s been living there, half in my room and half in the hall, for about week. Every day I walk by it and think about putting it away. Yet there it sits, mocking…… Continue reading A green ball in the hall.

Tired of looking for the win.

Female athletes running towards finish line on track field

I’m tired of celebrating small achievements. It gets old. It feels pathetic.
I feel pathetic.
Yes, I know I shouldn’t and yes, I know that’s one of the ways depression takes you down but seriously, I’ve started to hate positive self-talk. I’m not interested in telling myself I’m doing well. Because seriously, compared to my former life, my achievement bar is set pretty low. I now give myself props for the smallest of things: You got dressed; good for you. Congrats on washing your face. You brushed your teeth before 2 p.m. – kudos. And look at you, wearing make-up. Good job.
It feels so patronizing and pathetic at times…