Radiation and eating disorders.

I’ve finished the radiation therapy for my early-stage breast cancer and despite my anxiety-driven imaginings, things went okay. Physically. Getting your head around the mental stuff is more of a challenge. First, you have to acknowledge something has happened. I had five weeks of treatment, four of nausea and fatigue, and very little burning compared…… Continue reading Radiation and eating disorders.

No more complaining about the everyday.

I’ve had a hard couple of days. The radiation treatments have left me tired and nauseous. My depression is acting up as well. When the body feels bad, the brain and mood follow or something like that. At any rate, I’ve had a hard couple of days. It’s not been helped by the thing that…… Continue reading No more complaining about the everyday.

So anyhow, radiation.

It’s been an interesting few months. That’s actually an ancient Chinese curse – may you live in interesting times. Regardless of whether I’ve been cursed or not – and I suspect not despite my tendency towards self-pity – this last little bit has been tension-filled and fraught.

I had an unfortunate result with a mammogram several months back. A “suspicious lesion” showed up and the tests and procedures that followed started a train in motion that’s proving difficult to get off…