One must work hard.

Generally speaking, I don’t post only-images on WordPress. That’s more of a Facebook or Instagram kind of thing: I have a marginally different me in those locations. This quote, however, amuses, and so it’s going everywhere. I love an inside joke. Not attributable to Benjamin Franklin. True story.

Perfectionism, a garage door, and some compulsivity.

My garage door had some work done. The other doors are going to talk – it looks five years younger, all shiny with a lustrous dark brown coat. New paint. The TLC was overdue. I’ve lived here for twelve years and prior to last week, the only maintenance the door received was an occasional drive-by…… Continue reading Perfectionism, a garage door, and some compulsivity.

Alone in the crowd.

I’m rarely lonely when alone. I’m often lonely around other people. It’s the connection. It’s the lack. I feel disconnected from the people around me, even when they’re family and friends. It’s like I’m surrounded by a bubble that prevents me from reaching and being reached. It’s like we function on parallel but different, non-intersecting…… Continue reading Alone in the crowd.

Do we want what we want?

I’ve been thinking it might be time to send myself off to the repair shop. It’s spring, after all, time for renewing oneself body, mind, and spirit, current global challenges notwithstanding. I’ve been having a few issues. Things aren’t running as smoothly as I’d like. The engine occasionally overheats and there are other problems to…… Continue reading Do we want what we want?