Conflicted about poisoned trees.

Once upon a time, I took a Women’s Studies course. I took it because it had room and I needed an elective. I wasn’t expecting much but I ended up enjoying myself. I was exposed to new ideas and I learned a new language that allowed me to label ideas I already entertained. The course…… Continue reading Conflicted about poisoned trees.

The same old refrain.

The same old refrain and I’m tired of hearing it, tired of repeating it, discussing it, hugging it tight, loving it to let it go, dealing with inner demons, blaming the media. It’s the flesh. It’s always the flesh. Moods come and go and some days I can leave the house. Past traumas come to…… Continue reading The same old refrain.

It’s hard not to Jekyll and Hyde on Twitter.

I like Twitter. I also find it problematic. That is, I find my behaviour tends to the problematic when I’m on Twitter. I use different social media platforms for different things. Facebook is keeping up with friends and family and funny memes. WordPress is reading and writing. Pinterest is for killing time adding projects I’ll…… Continue reading It’s hard not to Jekyll and Hyde on Twitter.