Solo Celebrating.

I’ve killed this piece three times so far. I think the razing of yesterday’s ramblings on guilt was the last big gutting. But really, it was trite. Been there, done that. I wanted to like the paragraphs I wrote on our snow day but I don’t write descriptive dialogue very well: my imagery was stilted…… Continue reading Solo Celebrating.

When the plague ends – random Sunday thoughts.

I don’t know that I want the coronavirus shutdown to end. Don’t get me wrong. I’m devastated over the number of dead and infected. But if there was a way to live like we’ve been doing since the advent of the outbreak without actual sickness, that would be okay. Some good things are happening. I…… Continue reading When the plague ends – random Sunday thoughts.

Half-assed is okay.

I have a few thoughts about managing depression. I have zero credentials save for life experience. My current bout of depression is not my first. I’ve been in the trenches before. My mood is sitting at “I feel like dogshit and kind of wish I was dead but feelings aren’t in my control so let’s…… Continue reading Half-assed is okay.