Arrogance is not required.

Arrogance is the quality of being arrogant. An utterly useless statement, of course. Circular definitions are unhelpful most of the time. I find arrogance interesting. I find it interesting because I too often find myself engaging in it. I recognize it when it creeps up on me and changes my tone of voice and body…… Continue reading Arrogance is not required.

A little bit feral: problems with perception.

I was feeling feral the other day. A little edgy, a little hypervigilant, a little thin-skinned, and a little aggressive. The word “feral” seemed to sum all that up which is why I threw it out in response to the “how are you” query made by an acquaintance. I knew I’d made a mistake when…… Continue reading A little bit feral: problems with perception.

Do the structural work.

People like to say we start out perfect. “Look at that perfect baby.” I remain unconvinced regarding the accuracy of that statement. For one thing, the idea of the “perfect” baby denies the reality of babies born with problems of a wide variety of types. Positing “perfect” as the default position is unkind. It’s also,…… Continue reading Do the structural work.

But I like my plastic bottles…

I’m sucking a little at this whole “save the planet thing”. It’s not that I’m not on-board team “we’re headed for destruction”. I’m fully willing to believe scientists and my own eyes. Record global temperatures keep happening, month after month, year after year. The needle is creeping upward and this is not a good thing,…… Continue reading But I like my plastic bottles…