I ate all the cookies.

On alternate Mondays, I meet with my therapist. On the phone these days, seeing as we’re locking down and flattening the curve. I don’t mind doing my part but the truth is, virtual appointments are not as effective for me. I adopt a persona, even knowing it’s unhelpful. I become performance me, not me-me. This…… Continue reading I ate all the cookies.

The squirrel next door.

I noticed the wasp nest on the neighbour’s gutters first. It was a bit of a “eureka” moment. It’s not that I love wasp’s nests – their stings are a misery – or that I’m participating in a strange geocaching quest, rather, we’ve had an increase in sightings on the back deck and I needed…… Continue reading The squirrel next door.

The same old refrain.

The same old refrain and I’m tired of hearing it, tired of repeating it, discussing it, hugging it tight, loving it to let it go, dealing with inner demons, blaming the media. It’s the flesh. It’s always the flesh. Moods come and go and some days I can leave the house. Past traumas come to…… Continue reading The same old refrain.

What is sentience – the meaning of life, part 3.

Sentience is a tricky concept. Is it the mind? Is it the soul? Who has it? Someone once told me if you can’t explain something, you don’t understand it. I can’t explain sentience. I just know I have it. I equate sentience to the thing that makes me, me. I equate it to an understanding…… Continue reading What is sentience – the meaning of life, part 3.