I looked at people.

I looked at people today, in all kinds of locations. This is not something I normally do. It goes beyond no eye contact which I also find difficult and low-grade loathe. I push making and maintaining eye contact with friends because I recognize that avoiding it causes unconscious messages to be sent. But even with people I know well, I struggle. Strangers? Often, I don’t bother at all…

random acts of kindness

“i think people undervalue kindness. it’s a characteristic i try to hold front and centre, even when i get cut off in traffic by people who are oblivious to the location and function of the turn signal. in part, being kind is a little selfish; i get guilt when i’m unkind and since i hate feeling that way, i take the necessary steps to avoid doing so.”

currently hating food

“i am having a problem with food and eating of late, in that i hate them both. this is a significant challenge when you consider that eating is one of the basic requirements for living.”