letting it go

november 15, 2017 recovering from an eating disorder is hard work. it’s a daily slog, and can be tiring as hell. complaining about it remind me that i’m fortunate. i’m here to complain, and too many others i’ve known and cared for aren’t. those thoughts, however, do more than that. they set off another round…… Continue reading letting it go

Hotel rooms are dangerous places.

(November 12, 2017) Trigger warning: blunt discussion of eating disorder behaviors. My history with hotel rooms is complicated. They’re great when I’m on vacation with others. I have other hotel stories in my past, however. I don’t like revisiting my past, but I’m learning that if I don’t own it, forgive myself for it, and…… Continue reading Hotel rooms are dangerous places.

A bad day with bulimia.

(November 5, 2017) Trigger warning: moderately graphic eating disorder references. In the storage banks of my mind, where the memories of a thousand episodes of bingeing and purging live, one in particular jumps to the front of the flashback queue. There are other episodes, worse and more deadly, but it’s this one from my second…… Continue reading A bad day with bulimia.