Fun with quotes.*

We reduced ourselves to hysterics last night by butchering that most famous of quotes from The Outsiders. I love the giggles of game night. Trivial Pursuit often makes us silly. ** Stay gold, Ponyboy.Stay gold, Boypony. Stay, gold ponyboy.Stay, gold boypony. Stay, pony goldboy.Stay, pony boygold. Stay boy, Goldpony.Stay boy, Ponygold. I can keep going…… Continue reading Fun with quotes.*

eggshells & darker nights

Originally posted on unbolt me:
a slip of flame wags like a red-tailed fox o’er candlewick sill in the moonlight box sets ghost birds aflight in lucent flocks o’er vespertine forest and druidic rocks the road yonder runs thither throughout the ages its footprints tell the story of hatchling sages from trees bedangled with their…

“I threw some books in the trash” and other Dr. Seuss stories.

Those who jumped in half-lit expecting a polemic on censorship are about to be tragically disappointed. The only real connection to Dr. Seuss is that this is about letting go. [i] I should’ve paid closer attention to “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” earlier in life. I used the title mostly because I liked the way…… Continue reading “I threw some books in the trash” and other Dr. Seuss stories.